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Welcome to PerlePress Productions, an independent filmmaking company dedicated to the development and production of thought-provoking documentaries.


PerlePress Productions was formed in 2010 by Steven Pressman, a longtime newspaper and magazine journalist in Los Angeles, Washington DC, and San Francisco before he turned to documentary filmmaking. His films have premiered on HBO and PBS along with screenings at film festivals and other venues throughout the United States and abroad.

PerlePress Films
50 Children

50 Children

The dramatic tale of a Philadelphia couple who traveled to Nazi Germany in the spring of 1939 in a bold effort to rescue a group of Jewish children on the eve of the Holocaust.

Holy Silence

A riveting film about the actions – and inactions – of the Vatican during the Holocaust and throughout the years leading up to the horrors of the Final Solution.

Holy Silence
The Levys of Monticello

The Levys of Monticello

A fascinating story about a Jewish family that owned Thomas Jefferson’s beloved home and saved it from ruin.

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Two ordinary Americans…
      Fifty innocent lives…
            One unforgettable journey…
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