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Holy Silence

A riveting film about the actions – and inactions – of the Vatican during the Holocaust and throughout the years leading up to the horrors of the Final Solution.

The Story

As Adolf Hitler rose to power in the 1930s, the Vatican under Pope Pius XI was prepared to take a strong stance against the evils of Nazi Germany. But Pius XII, who became pope in early 1939, insisted on remaining silent even after the world began to learn about the full horrors of the Holocaust.


Holy Silence examines the actions – and inactions – of the Vatican throughout this dark period of history. The film also focuses on the role that American officials – from a humble Jesuit priest to the president of the United States – played in an effort to persuade the pope to speak out against Hitler’s effort to eradicate the Jews of Europe.


Holy Silence has been widely seen on PBS stations around the country and is available for streaming on Amazon Prime and PBS Passport.

"The major question posed by Holy Silence is whether Pius XII did all he could to counter Nazi Germany and save Jews. The answer is clearly no."

- The Times of Israel

Screening Opportunities

To arrange screenings of Holy Silence, please contact Seventh Art Releasing at

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