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50 Children

Two ordinary Americans…
      Fifty innocent lives…
            One unforgettable journey…

The Story

Gilbert and Eleanor Kraus never set out to be heroes. But on the eve of the Holocaust, the Philadelphia lawyer and his fashion-conscious wife risked everything by traveling into Nazi Germany in an against-all-odds effort to save a group of young and innocent lives.


Based on his Emmy-nominated HBO documentary, Steven Pressman’s 50 Children delves much deeper into the astonishing story of the improbable 1939 mission to rescue a group of Jewish children from Vienna and bring them to the safety of the United States.

"An extraordinary humanitarian act and a classic tale of American initiative and perseverance… The result is a rich and rewarding read."

- The Wall Street Journal

"Like Oskar Schindler and his list, the Krauses and their 50 Children will now never be forgotten.."

- Sara Nelson,

"Pressman’s deeply affecting account is a tribute to a couple whose heroic efforts were a beacon of light during a time of unremitting darkness for the Jewish people."

- Jewish Book Council

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Available also on Kindle or as an Audiobook. 

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